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Planting tulips is easier than you think. Our little guide will help you and give you tips on what to look for.

Tulips plant tips

Always bring the tulip bulbs into the ground before the first ground frost. So that you have a true sea of ​​flowers in the garden in the spring, flower bulbs belong to the earth before the winter. This includes the tulips. There are many different varieties to choose from. When buying, pay attention to the flowering time, indicated on the packaging. If you choose different specimens, a long flowering period is guaranteed.

Location for the tulips

It is important that you plant your onions a few weeks before the first frost. If the ground is frozen, it is already too late. Tulips should not be completely in the shade, that is, a sunny place is optimal, which in turn should not be too humid. Otherwise there is a risk that your tulip bulbs will rot and you will wait in vain for a vigorous flower. If you think your tulip location may be getting too wet, mix some sand, which will loosen the soil.

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Plant tulips

  • It is planted in September until the end of October. Press one or more holes in the ground with the planting rod.
    A rule of thumb: Planting depth about twice as deep as the onion is high.
  • Tulip bulbs are stuck guide

  • Put the tulip bulbs with the tip up, the flat side comes down. You do not have to apply a lot of pressure. To ensure that each tulip has enough space for itself, expect a planting distance of about 3 to 7 centimeters (small onions) and 7 to 20 centimeters for larger onions. Now close the planting hole with soil. Please do not press too hard and do not forget to pour.
  • Depending on personal taste, the tulips can be planted as a "group", but also individually between other flowers and perennials.

Do tulips need frost protection?

Actually, tulips are quite frost-resistant. However, a little protection can not hurt. Just use some autumn leaves or fir green to cover.
Bark mulch is also suitable. If the tulips "shoot" out of the ground in the spring, the frost protection must be removed again.

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