Speeding up lawn growth with starter fertilizer

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A freshly sown lawn should be densely overgrown as quickly as possible, so that they can be entered.
This is helped by a lawn starter fertilizer, which supports the seed during germination and the first supernatural growth. However, this special fertilizer can also be used for already created green areas, which desperately need regeneration, as well as for the laying of a roller lawn.
The peculiarities of the starter fertilizer
Freshly sown grass and young grass plants need a different composition of nutrients than already existing green areas. First of all, they have to form roots and, above all, they need phosphorus. The nitrogen in the starter fertilizer, on the other hand, ensures rapid growth, so that soon the first stalks sprout out of the ground and they have a rich green color. Also a little potassium is contained in a starter fertilizer. He strengthens the plants so that they get a good stability.
Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are also included in other lawn fertilizers. However, these differ from starter fertilizers in that these three ingredients are mixed in different proportions. With starter fertilizers, the proportion of nitrogen and phosphorus prevails, so that blades of grass first form. At first, however, potassium is not that important when it comes to rebuilding the lawn and is only needed in larger quantities if a closed grass surface has already formed.
Application of lawn starter fertilizer

  • The application of a fertilizer for the lawn can be done simultaneously with the sowing of the lawn, but it is better to spread the fertilizer on the surface before and easier to work it into the ground, so that it is not blown away in the wind.
  • The best time to plant a new lawn is spring, so the lawn has enough time to form strong roots by winter. If this time is missed, sowing may continue until the fall, but in this case an appointment should be made where the outside temperature is not quite as high.
  • In any case, the sky should be covered on the day of sowing and best of all in the days after, as strong sunlight easily causes the soil to dry out, thereby preventing germination of the seeds.
  • Starter fertilizer as well as the grass seed can be distributed by hand on the lawn.
  • It is better, however, to use a spreader for this, so that the fertilizer and the seeds are evenly distributed and later no holes are formed. This also limits the direct contact with the fertilizer, which can lead to health problems for sensitive people.
Starter fertilizer for an existing lawn area
Even a slightly older lawn can be improved by a starter fertilizer. In this case, it is advisable to first scarify the lawn to remove moss and weeds and to provide the necessary ventilation of the roots. Holes that have formed here can be repaired with a reseeding. These seeds are in turn grateful for a little support in the form of a starter fertilizer, so that the defects close soon.
The right time for lawn care is crucial
To make sure you have a wonderful lawn in the summer, it is crucial to start lawn maintenance in the right season. As soon as the first rays of sunshine reach the earth after winter, you should look after your lawn. If you take the right measures now, you almost always have to worry about mowing the lawn in summer.
Beginning of April is considered the best time to make the first cut. The depth of cut should be about five centimeters. Then the pH of the lawn should be measured as it is very important for grass growth and weed resistance.
In almost every hardware store and garden center, you can buy such a pH tester and perform it according to the manufacturer. If the pH does not match the recommendations, it will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer. As a result, the lawn becomes susceptible to diseases and fungi, and weeds can also spread faster.
How is fertilized properly?
If the pH is too low, it should be done with a cleared lawn lime. How much lime must be used, can be found in the manufacturer's instructions. Important: never lime and fertilize at the same time! The liming should be done four weeks before fertilizing.
If the pH is too high, insufficient fertilization has occurred in recent years. By fertilizing the pH is lowered. Fertilization is best with a starter fertilizer, which is also known as spring fertilizer.It gives the lawn all the nutrients that are important to him, so after the harsh winter break, in the lawn also takes a break in growth needs.
It is best if the lawn is scarred before fertilization, because the nutrients can better get into the roots. The decisive factor is that the spring fertilizer is a nitrogen-fertilizer. With it growth can be stimulated perfectly.

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