Laying turf - That's how it works

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Rolling turf is a great alternative for getting a well-groomed new lawn within hours. But the laying is not only reserved for professionals. Smaller areas can also be laid on their own.

Laying turf - That's how it works

In just one day to dream turf? For many still hardly conceivable. But it works. The solution is called turf. Since turf is of course more expensive compared to lawn seeds, the laying is especially for garden owners with smaller gardens.

The advantages are obvious. On the one hand, of course, you do not have to wait so long for the lawn seeds to germinate and the lawn has grown, and for another, you do not have to worry about weeds when it comes to rolling lawns. That's good enough, I think.

But before you can enjoy the sight of the finished lawn, it must first be professionally laid. For this to work without problems, here is a little tutorial.

Laying turf - explained step by step


1 The most important thing about turf is the ground. You must prepare it accordingly so that the lawn can also handle well. If there are still old lawns on your area, of course, this must first be removed in advance. It's best to start on time. Then the soil must be loosened up well. Especially with Neubaugrundst├╝cken the surface of the construction vehicles is driven very firmly. It's best to go with a pickaxe here. For very heavy soils, it is also advisable to add some building sand. This increases the permeability.

2 One day before the turf is to be laid, the floor must be raked up. Make sure that the floor is free of stones and roots. Loosening with the rake is important so that the roots of the turf can anchor themselves to the ground as quickly as possible.

3 The last step in the preparation involves deep-rolling the soil. He must be tread-proof, so that the turf can be laid without problems.

" My advice: Make sure that your floor area is really level during floor work. Small hills or dents can be easily compensated with a rake or an inverted rake.

Lay turf roll

The laying itself must always go very fast on turf. If the turf in the turf school is cut off, you have a maximum of 36 hours to get it to your home garden. However, if you have prepared the ground well, this should not be a problem.

4 Lay the first web on a straight edge and roll the lawn lengthwise. Now do it by train. Rolling turf is laid in the composite (as with brick walls or similar). Basically, you should make sure that no joints or overlaps arise. For curves and edges, the lawn can be easily cut.

" Danger!!! Enter the newly laid lawn only in conjunction with wooden boards. In this way you avoid compacting the soil, which is difficult to even out in retrospect.

5 Once the lawn has been completely laid, walk over the surface with a lawn roller filled with water. First in the opposite direction and then again in the longitudinal direction. Again, make sure that you enter only places that you have already compressed in advance.

6 Not only freshly sown lawns need a lot of water, but also turf, after all, they should grow as fast as possible. Water abundantly with the laid surface. About 15 liters per square meter are appropriate. The easiest way is by setting up a sprinkler. But you can also do it by hand with a garden spray.

touch up

7 In the coming weeks you have to pay attention to a good watering. It is recommended to blow up the lawn once or twice a day. So the turf thrives very fast. Entering the new lawn is possible from the first day. However, he can only be fully loaded after about four to six weeks.

And now have fun rolling turf!

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