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The deep, but relatively narrow front garden is in front of the north facade of the semi-detached house: two flower beds planted with shrubs and shrubs, separated by a straight path that leads to the front door. The new owners of the home are looking for inspiration to make the space more appealing and representative.

Suggestion 1: Criss-crossing the front yard

In order to make the way to the front door a little more exciting and to visually take the length, it was supplemented by a crossroads, which also leads to paved areas on the right and left. The "crossing" marks a round bed in which a ball-steppe-cherry-tree trunk grows. He emphasizes the third dimension in the design and is therefore an important eye-catcher in the front yard. Cranesbill 'Derrick Cook' lies at the tree's feet.

Drawing front yard proposal

This proposal is based on the classic farm garden architecture. The center forms a ball steppe cherry (Prunus fruticosa 'Globosa')

In the four other beds, which are of approximately the same shape and size, bulbous flowers and other flowering plants grow in white and orange as well as grasses. In the spring, when shrubs and grasses have not much to offer due to the winter pruning, Fosteriana tulips push themselves out of the ground and ensure a first round of flowers. They are loosely distributed over the surfaces in 5-tuffs and mixed in color. Even perennials, shrubs and grasses are distributed in each bed a little differently, so that although the same appearance is created, but the beds are not completely identical and mirrored. So the strict graphic design is loosened up a bit.

Orange-white bed

Orange and white provide a strong color cocktail in the flower beds: the shrub and the hellebore contribute orange flowers, all the other shrubs are white. Ornamental grasses convey with delicate green and filigree stalks

In addition to the tulips in April, the ball steppe cherry blossoms. Beginning in May, the hanging flowers of the white Bleeding Heart of 'Alba' and the Cranesbeak 'Derrick Cook' open. The foliage of the wilting tulips is now hiding among the ever more abundant sprouting plants. From June, the orange beauties, finger shrub 'Hopley's Orange' and carnation root 'Mai Tai', have their grand entrance, accompanied by filigree panicles of wire Schmiele. In July, the season begins for the white splendor Spears 'Germany', in August for the autumn anemones 'whirlwind', which, together with the finger shrub, endure until October.

Suggestion 2: Easy care gravel garden

The second design is based on the initial situation and retains the basic layout of the front garden in two areas. The existing lilac as well as the low boxwood hedges to the street are preserved and are integrated. There are also other low boxwood hedges, which divide the two beds to the right and left of the path. Anyone who has doubts about the boxwood conifer can alternatively plant holly trees (Ilex crenata 'Convexa').

Easy care gravel garden drawing

Lilac and boxwood give the front garden a soft and curved face

Curved plant strips with perennials and grasses run through the beds and loosen up the effect of the formally cut hedges. Most of the selected plants, such as Bluestar Bush, Bearded Iris and Balkan Bear Claw, bloom blue-violet and set the tone in summer. In between, the common sunhat 'Milkshake' and the pearl basket set accents with their light floral pattern. Grateful fillers are the white-colored sedge 'Snowline' and the Bergenie 'Eroica', which still come with decorative leaves in winter. Small deciduous shrubs such as the Grazile Deutzia and the winged spindle shrub 'Compactus' enrich the front garden with its pile, the latter also with its fruit decoration and striking autumn color. On the right side of the house, a clematis is placed in a pot, which rises above a trellis and presents violet flowers in summer.

Bed in the gravel garden

The view from the front door falls on the richly vegetated, but in no way crowded front garden. In spring, you will be greeted by the fragrant flowers of the lilac, then flowering Deutzia and Bluestar bush

Bright pebble areas between the planting strips harmonize with the colors of the plaster and allow you to enter the beds. They facilitate the care and emphasize the gravel garden character of the front garden.

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