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The desire for a low-maintenance garden is certainly by far the most common, which is brought to gardeners and garden architects. But what exactly does that mean? After all, no one who owns a garden actually dreams of having an extremely easy-to-clean surface of green cast asphalt, and of course no one likes to forego flowering plants. How much time should a low-maintenance garden cost? The answer is different.

Easy care means for many, weeding no weeds

While some people in the garden prefer not to do anything, others would already invest some work in their green realm, but they do not come too often for reasons of time. Still others like gardening, but the plot is just too big to do anything - a 500 square meter garden needs more care than one with only 100 square meters. In addition, there are many hobby gardeners who would like to sow, plant and harvest, but would like to dispense with unpleasant work such as weed control. And what should your own easy-care garden look like? Is it the modern, extended living room - tidy and clean - or the wild-looking natural garden? A question that should be cleared up right at the beginning of the planning process.

Idea 1: Rural and romantic

To make sure that the garden is full of flowers but does not do too much work, ground-covering perennials grow in the beds of our first design proposal: under the Robinie 'Casque Rouge' on the terrace for example the Bergenie 'Eroica' and behind it the lungwort 'Opal'.

rural, romantic garden idea

Rural, romantic garden idea

The three beds on the fence are each planted flat with Balkan cranesbill or lady's mantle (Alchemilla). Tip: Alchemilla epipsila is more stable in the rain than Alchemilla mollis. For a change, dark elder 'Black Lace' and pink hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' (also at the house). Schneespiere (spring flowering) and perennial sunflowers (late summer bloomers) extend the flowering period. At the arbor, the robust climbing rose 'Jasmina' ensures romance, on the fence the variety 'Hella'.

Idea 2: Modern and discreet

Even with a few, well-selected plants, a formal design without much care effort succeeds. In the spring, the many white flower balls of the 'Mount Everest' ornamental leek relax the beds along the evergreen cherry laurel hedge 'Otto Luyken'. As soon as the ornamental shrub moves in after flowering in June, it is overgrown by the multiply planted Chinese 'Gracillimus', which with its filigree leaves gives structure to the garden from summer to spring.

modern, decent garden idea

Modern, discreet garden idea

On the terrace and under the house tree - a ball-trumpet tree - reliably thrives the ground-covering hedge myrtle 'Maigrün', which must be cut only a few times a year. The clover (Ptelea trifoliata) grows loosely, giving shade to the red bench and creating a nice contrast to the clear design.

Necessary work should be fun

To minimize gardening, it helps to understand what activities are the least loved or the hardest. For while some people are reluctant to mow or water lawns, for others it is the distressing weeding or the laborious hedge-cutting that is the worst of evils. Thinking about which works are relatively easy to do and which are not, is therefore an important first step. When the thinking is complete, try to reduce the activities that require you to be most self-motivated. In addition, you should consider whether there is something in your garden that is not so easy to care for - like a favorite plant that needs special winter protection, a mold that does not get along without a regular cut or a beautiful wooden fence that needs to be painted regularly - and for what you are nevertheless willing to take a greater effort in purchasing. This prevents you from "saving time" in the wrong place.

Poppy on metal fence

Metal fences made of galvanized steel (photo) or cast iron are durable and low maintenance. Its straightforward severity can be offset, for example, by loosely growing poppies

Easy-care gardens are more expensive in the system

An easy-care garden often requires major preparatory work. These can take a lot of time - and depending on the cost of one or the other euro. But the investment is well worth it, considering that a weed fleece in the pebble bed or a closed area of ​​suitable ground covers minimize weeding in the long run, a broad, paved lawn edge saves the visitor from having to walk around with the edge trimmer and a privacy screen naturally does without hedge trimming. So, summer after summer, you can take advantage of the free time to rest on the lounger with a good book, have fun playing with the kids, or relax with friends and family.

Periwinkle (Vinca 'Variegata')

The periwinkle (Vinca 'Variegata') is a groundcover for mild, half-shaded locations. The leaf margins are first yellow and later white. A pruning in spring keeps it vital. Suitable partners: Funkien

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