Two ideas for a hillside garden

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A bare slope with roadholding is considered a problem area, but by a clever planting it will be a fantastic garden situation. Such an exposed location always demands a loving design and, above all, a selection of plants, which creates an exciting structure and simultaneous attachment of the slope. In addition, it is important to achieve spatial depth through the planting.

Proposal 1: Green shapers with style

Although the soil profile provides a good basis for a spatial design, it is the winter hardy juniper (Juniperus virginiana 'Skyrocket'), the height differences in the bed create and a successful contrast to the quiet-looking ground cover and the regular stones of the retaining wall form. Pastel-colored plants such as the overhanging winter-hardy rosemary and the white sunflowers blossom above it.

Hang garden with columns juniper

The pillar-juniper protrudes from the slope-bed

From July to August, the gigantic palm trees show their white flowers. A purple ribbon of lavender, catnip and blue sounds runs through the bed. This creates a harmonious overall impression in the summer, which gets a natural charm through the fresh green of the Mediterranean spurge and the silvery leaves of the sand creeper pasture. Noble, however, the shape of the column juniper, which, together with the hanging form of the pea shrub provides the necessary privacy in front of the house.

Video Board: How to Landscape a steep slope without Retaining walls.

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