Two ideas for a wellness garden

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The garden was previously used mainly by the children as a playground. Now the children are bigger and the area should be redesigned: In addition to an extension of the narrow terrace at the house a barbecue area and space to relax are desired. Important is also a screen in the back lot.

Suggestion 1: Small, but fine wellness paradise

The lawn, framed by fences, which becomes visible after the toys have been removed, first requires a sensible structure: This design idea creates a first room by widening the narrow terrace two levels below the house on one side. This creates enough space for a large seating area and a barbecue in the corner.

Design idea for a small wellness garden

Two stairs with adjoining paths made of square concrete slabs lead into the garden

A small avenue of three cherry laurel tree trunks accompanies the right way to the spa area with whirlpool, which is also not on lawn level, but two steps higher and thus again receives an independent space character. On the left is an additional wooden deck, where two sun loungers invite you to relax. Here the avenue element repeats itself: Three high tribes flank the connecting path and separate it spatially from the wooden terrace. Blinds in the rear area provide 1.80 meter high panels of bamboo poles, which are lowered towards the house at normal fence height. To lighten up these walls, two large jade bamboos in pots and various colorful summer flowers in suspended pots grow on the posts in the wellness area.

Bed with sun-loving perennials in white and blue tones as well as ornamental grasses

In front of the wall of bamboo panels sun-loving perennials in white and blue tones as well as ornamental grasses bloom. Enclosed is the bed with a row of paving stones; right next to it two steps lead up to the wooden deck with whirlpool

Even more color is provided by two narrow, symmetrically planted perennial beds right and left along the property boundaries. Among the first highlights of the year - after spring-blooming bulbous flowers, which of course can be supplemented at any time - here are white and blue prairie lilies, which open their bizarre flowers from May to June. From July, they will be followed by other perennials such as the blue nettle, the purple mountain aster, the white sun hat, the blue manure and the delicate pink sparkling candle, which spread the summery flair. Starting in August, they will receive support from white pearl baskets, light blue skullcaps and filigree bearded grass. Until well into October, many of these flowering plants remain attractive and attract many bees and other insects.


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