Two ideas for a table decoration with rowan berries

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From the rowanberry or mountain ash there are numerous breeding forms and hybrids with particularly beautiful fruit decoration. From August, for example, the coral fruits of the large-fruited rowan 'Edulis' (Sorbus aucuparia) mature. The berries contain a lot of vitamin C and in contrast to the fruits of the wild rowanberry little tannic acid. If the fruit set turns out to be rich, the attractive berries are almost perfect for decorating the terrace and the garden in an atmospheric and colorful way.

Rowan berry wreath with ornamental apples

1. Bundle short twigs of rowan and ornamental apple with thin wire (craft supplies) to small posy bunches.
2. Then tie the bundles of branches alternately tightly around a clincher. Even narrow Styrofoam and straw blanks are suitable as a base. What a finished wreath can look like, you can see in the picture above.

Lanterns with rowan berries and hydrangea flowers

For the table decoration you need lanterns, candles, matching clay pots, rowan berries, Bergenia leaves, hydrangea flowers, floral foam, enough decorative cord and scissors.

Finished table decoration

With a few inexpensive ingredients, you can make these pretty lanterns

How to do it

1. First arrange several equal sized Bergenia leaves around the clay pot and tie with the string.
2. Then fill the pot with floral foam, put on the lantern. Evenly distribute berries and hydrangea flowers.

Pot for table decoration

Refine table decoration

Dress the clay pot with Bergenia leaves (left) and decorate it with the lantern, rowan berries and hydrangea flowers (right)

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