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This garden corner does not invite you to linger. For one, the garden is completely visible from the neighboring property, on the other hand, the ugly chain link fence should be laminated with plants. In addition, missing a solid surface and a beautiful edge planting. In short, there is a lot to do.

Suggestion 1: A seat of the extra class

A noble sitting area surrounded by fiery flower colors brings the summer mood in June and July at full speed. Well shielded by a hornbeam hedge (Carpinus betulus) you can enjoy the sunny days undisturbed. A modern weatherproof wicker armchair and a matching table stand on a circular gravel surface and make a seat that not everyone has!
For evening cosiness ensures a crackling fire in the metal basket. During the day luminous nasturtium (Tropaeolum) and orange-red begonias growing with pots in metal obelisks create an exclusive atmosphere. The intensely radiant blossoms are supported by a trendy high terracotta pot, which is planted with red dahlias.

Garden nook with seat

Most of all you have from his garden, if you place the seat in the midst of the flowers that supplies the garden

Dalien make colored eye-catchers in the bed. In time for the frost they have to be dug up and winterized in a cool way. The sunny yellow of the gold spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) makes for a nice transition from the bed to the lawn. Behind it rise the orange-yellow flower candles of the exotic-looking torch lily 'Royal Standard' over narrow grass-like leaves.
In autumn, the whistling grass 'Karl Foerster' (Molinia) and an evergreen bamboo in the pot (Fargesia) ensure that the garden corner does not look bare.

Suggestion 2: Happy colorful privacy

This flower-filled garden corner is laid out quickly. It also lends itself to rented gardens, as it is reasonably priced and requires no complex construction. Two yellow glazed wooden walls give the new seat protection. In addition, two pink trellis will be placed on which the Clematis hybrid 'Violetta' can unfold.

colorful garden corner with wooden terrace

Our second design idea includes colorful elements and a wooden terrace

Further privacy is provided by mini hedges of hornbeam next to the trellises. When planting, always keep an eye on the allowable distance to the garden edge to avoid annoyance with the neighbor.
With wooden tiles from the garden or hardware store is quickly laid a wooden terrace for garden furniture and pots. Pillar apples, blueberries and tomatoes in containers can be placed on the surface, making it the ideal playground for those with a sweet tooth. The abundance of flowers in the beds to the left and right of the seating area is at its peak from June to August. Then, one-year-old sunflowers and a colorful summer flower mixture with yellow sun hat (rudbeckia), pink musk-mallow and pink-red hollyhock are planted directly into the bed. The yellow shrub rose 'Light Queen Lucia' graces the left side of the bed.

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