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In the gardens of our country are many different plants, from trees and shrubs, to flowering shrubs and exotic plants. What one plants, has to do with the size of the garden and the climatic and light conditions.
So it is not advisable to put an oak or a large conifer in the front yard, because it just gets too big. Also, you have to take into account that the neighbors can disturb it.
Better then smaller plants. You should not try to grow wine in the mountains.
Hedges are typical for German gardens, mostly as a separation from the neighbors or as privacy screens. There are many possibilities of hedge planting. Evergreen hedge plants such as thujen, yew, cherry laurel and others are popular. But hornbeams, wild roses, forsythia and other flowering shrubs are also good. It is important that the hedges are dense, opaque and impenetrable.
Fruit trees are also typical of our gardens. Since there are specimens that no longer form large canopies, but grow straight up, there is just about any garden for them a place. On apple, pear or cherry tree, one is always suitable. Also shrubs such as Johannis raspberries or gooseberries are popular. Strawberries are also planted many and be it in the flower pot. After all, there are also hanging strawberries.
Due to space constraints, more and more tribes are finding their place in our gardens. Whether roses, hydrangeas, hibiscus, forsythia, many plants are available. The advantage is that you can plant something under it. Also, they are often well adapted to the Kübelhaltung.
Furthermore, the flowers are often found. Whether larkspur, hydrangeas, daylilies, clematis, asters, chrysanthemums, daisies, girls eyes, sun hat or hollyhocks, their bright colors are not missing in any bed.
The most popular flower in our gardens is undoubtedly the rose. Whether climbing, rambler, beet or edelrose, whether half-stem, high stem or mourning tribe, no matter what color, whether filled or unfilled, fragrant, blooming once or more often, roses are found in every garden. They like the sun and need some care, but thank you for the effort with beautiful flowers.
Especially in spring, the flowering bulbous plants may not be missing in any garden. Whether snowdrops, snowflakes, crocuses, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and others, their colorful flowers are the first in the year. The onion or tuberous plants also include gladioli. Their numerous species delight us in autumn with beautiful flowers.
No matter which plants you choose, they should fit together, both in their style, size and look. You should make sure that in every season something blooms and conjures color in the garden.

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