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The letter "U" presents you as a notice board the African violet, which represents a whole group of plants: The annual or annual grown plants that provide in the garden or garden for variety and fresh color spots.
The genuine African Violet is typical of the annual, although it is a perennial plant in its wild form. But also a tropical plant, which has its difficulties with the climate with us. For our indoor gardens are cultivated forms, these African violets are larger than the natural forms, but also not hardy, and even with the best attitude (bright location without direct sun, even watering and temperature between 18 and 24 degrees) is an African violet in the second year show less flowers. Therefore, the African violets are kept in our room as long as they bloom, and then replaced by self-imposed successors from leaf cuttings or by a new purchase.
Indoor plants, which for one reason or another usually enjoy only one season, also include begonias, Japanese roses, coral cherries, primroses and the scilla (which can then continue to live in the garden), for each of which you will find more at the relevant keyword in the glossary,
Many plants for our gardens are grown at one year, even though they are perennial in their home country. This is because in our climate they would not survive the winter, for example, they include the barnacles and the scented peaces, the manly loyalty and the black-eyed Susanne and the cultural forms of the Tagetes.
True annuals that do not survive after seedling are hemp and nasturtium, maiden in the countryside and marigolds, and if you would like to know something about an annual plant that you do not find in the glossary, we look forward to receiving an email. In addition to the African violets you will find z. Eg the elm tree and a contribution to digging under "U", and you will learn something about where to buy or order clothes for the garden, even in oversize.

African Violet, Saintpaulia - care, propagate and flower

African violets

The African violet adorns the creative flower bank with its special blossom. The cute houseplant has long become so dear to us with its exotic charisma that we gladly accept your delicate claims. Read here all relevant aspects of the care and propagation of Saintpaulia. How to bring the plant to bloom.

Video Board: 6 Tips For Caring for African Violets.

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