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The Content Of The Article: The urinal is the "fast version" instead of the toilet, especially for the gentlemen, since they can do their needs somewhat easier than the women.
The origin of the urinal is the Pinkelrinne, which certainly everyone has seen before, in train stations or in old farms.
At the present time the urinals are made of porcelain. They are shaped so that the urine can be absorbed as possible without injections. The rinse takes place, as usual, as with any other toilet too.
So that the gentlemen are also undisturbed among themselves in public toilets, there are often partitions that stand between the urinals.
A funny thing is the so-destroying target help, which is already introduced by some manufacturers, can be glued by everyone but also in retrospect. With this little trick, the cleaning effort should be significantly minimized. Because the play instinct that slumbers in each man, is awakened, he will try to hit the target, which in turn prevents unnecessary spraying and cleaning.
A urinal can be described as absolutely hygienic, since the body is not in contact with the urine when urinating. To save just, not insignificant amounts of water, anhydrous urinals have been developed. There is a modern evolution of the conventional urinal. Here, the urine is sucked by utilizing the fluid pressure and requires neither water nor any
Chemicals. Unpleasant odors are a thing of the past. Bacteria and deposits have no chance. Also urine stone is not an issue. He can not even arise because there is no connection with substances from water, urine
and salts are formed.
Even in more and more private households, the urinal can be found in the guest WC, and why not? It is a hygiene issue, there is less need for cleaning and guests do not have to wonder if they should really sit down. Oh, for reasons of low water consumption, it is becoming more desirable. Whether wall-mounted or with flush valve or with non-contact operation of the flush, with lid or molded trap. Almost no wish remains open. So you will find the highest comfort and hygiene in the smallest space.
Urinals are available for surface mounting, as pre-wall elements, for mounting on lightweight and solid walls and for corner mounting.
Some time ago, public toilets for women were already being fitted with women's urinals. Unfortunately, that is the least known. Even today, some sanitary ceramic manufacturers are trying to release special ladies' hairstyles. The use is provided in the skier position. But here too, paper can be used for wiping. Disposal must be via the drain. Unfortunately, there can be no talk of economics, because it is just as much water and a thick drainpipe needed as a toilet.
If it really makes sense, it has to do with as little water as a men's urinal or even without water. The drainage pipe should also have the same dimensions as the men's model. Furthermore, the woman would have to do without the use of paper.
The price ranges for urinals are very different as the models and designs. They start at about 90, - € for a standard pool.
by AnnettBiermann


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