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Wine barrels already have a long life when sorted out by wineries. But even then they are still so beautiful that they are often used as decoration in the garden.

Advantages of old wine barrels

Wine barrels are rustic and cozy. They are very decorative, but can also be a practical Zweckerfüllen, for example, as a rain barrel to be used.
  • Old wine barrels can be beautifully planted, ornamental plants or even herbs that can be harvested from this height are suitable. Alternatively, a hole can be cut in the belly of the barrel and the barrel then laid down to plant it.
  • A used wine barrel with a lid can be used as a bar table at a party.
  • There are also halved wine barrels to buy as a decoration for the garden. They are also suitable for planting or as a mini pond for the terrace. Quartered barrels can be fixed to the wall for use as planters.
  • Very large barrels with a height of two or three meters can even be converted into a gazebo, sauna or play area for the children.
  • To move a wine barrel without much effort to another location, rolls can be placed under the floor.

Disadvantages of used wine barrels

Wine barrels are not always dense, so they can only be used to a limited extent for the collection of rainwater. Of course, old wine barrels also have traces of use that some people might not like.
  • Wine barrels retain the smell of the wine stored in them.
  • They can leak when the staves are dry. They always need a certain amount of moisture to soak them up and keep them tight.
  • Used wine barrels may also have wine stains on the outside.
  • Before the soil moisture a wine barrel should be protected, so it should get a stand in the garden or stand on a layer of gravel or some stones, so that the ground does not start too modern.
  • In order to avoid waterlogging during planting, which damages most plants, holes should be drilled in the bottom of the barrel.
  • Half a barrel made of solid oak wood already weighs about 25 kilograms, which is why it is difficult to move to another location, especially when planted.
  • To protect it from frost, a barrel should be emptied in winter and covered with a protective cover.
  • When used as a mini pond, a used barrel must first be filled several times with fresh water before plants or fish can be put into it, because in the first time, wine that has been absorbed by the wood is released into the water.


Often used wine barrels in a size of 225 liters are offered. They have a height of just under one meter and cost about 60 to 70 euros. Barrels that have already been converted to a bar table, planter or a rain barrel, of course, are a bit more expensive because of labor costs. Halved barrels for use as planters or mini pond are available for about 40 euros.

Manufacturer and dealer

  • The special garden sells whole, halved and quartered wine barrels, which have already been processed so that they can be put into direct use. There are bar tables, planters or barrels that have been converted into a wine rack.
  • If you would rather have a new barrel than a used one for your garden, you will find it at Fassprofi. There, wine barrels of various sizes can be ordered.
  • The Weinfassversand sells barrique barrels, in which red or white wine was stored, and also used beer and whiskey barrels. There are also huge barrels with up to 12000 liters of volume.
ConclusionUsed old wine barrels are a very nice decoration for the garden. They can be used in many different ways and, in principle, require little care. Because they usually consist of solid oak wood, but of course they have a pretty big weight and can not be put so easily in another place.
  1. Often wine barrels are called Barrique barrels. This refers to barrels with a volume of 225 or 228 liters. This measure became very common because barrels of this size can be loaded in the empty state by a worker alone.
  2. During the July Revolution of 1830 in France, the barriques were filled with soil and used as roadblocks. From this came the name barricades later.

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