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An early start pays off when sowing vegetables and summer flowers. Therefore, the experienced gardener starts already in February / March with the sowing in house greenhouses on the windowsill in the house or - who has the luck to call one's own - in the greenhouse. From March, sowing can also take place in cold frames. Within a few weeks after sowing, the first seedlings show up. Strong young plants are better prepared for pests and promise a rich harvest. We have summarized for you what you should consider in the pre-culture and which useful products facilitate the sowing.

Early sowing in the indoor greenhouse

The classical sowing time starts from March - then the temperatures rise and also the days become significantly longer. Best conditions for the rapid germination of many vegetables. Information on the cultivation period can be found on the back of the Saattütchen. Early vegetables such as radishes do not mind cool temperatures. They can be sown either in the cold frame or directly into the vegetable patch. For example, in the indoor greenhouse by the bright window, Asia-sensitive salad and sweetcorn are preferred. From February you sow already peppers and tomatoes, because they have a longer culture time. In order for them to grow up healthily, humidity and light intensity must be right. Regular airing of the mini-greenhouse during the day is important so that the substrate does not mold.

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