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On the first weekend in July 2016 some users of our photo community met in Dithmarschen. The members traveled from different regions of Germany: Bavaria, Kiel, Ostfriesland, Lübeck, Berlin, the district of Ostholstein and Dortmund were represented. After the welcome, the group first of all, of course, visited the garden of the hostess. So far, you had seen this only on pictures in the community.

Fancy garden decoration

Many garden lovers are real decoration talents - just as we can see again and again based on the images in the community. Thus, a visit to a decoration shop was a nice destination. Moreover, if it adjoins a pretty private garden. In the "Dielenzauber" in Kattrepel / Neufeld literally everyone got their money's worth. Over coffee and cake they presented each other in a fun round the arisen finds. A part of the group then had to start the journey home. The rest of the happy community watched together the football thriller Germany vs. Italy - an unforgettable experience for all.

Photographing in the garden

While strolling through the nursery had the cameras much to do

Another highlight of the short trip followed on Sunday - the "Nursery Austria" in Heide. In addition to the beautiful plant there are also special plant treasures. For home-made pies from the garden nursery, the experience was once again reminisced. The nursery provided a nice setting for the end of an unforgettable weekend.

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