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The category "V" in the glossary is represented by the Venus flytrap, which in turn is probably the best-known species of a very own genus of plants, the so many people fascinating carnivorous plants.
The Sonnentaugewächs is a miracle of nature, which has become a popular houseplant in our house, because the speed of the snapping catch leaves always amazes again. The venus flytrap is in the right location and with proper care a very perennial plant. The horticulturist (or should one say "keeper"?) Need only pay attention to a nutrient-poor soil and a humid environment, as it corresponds to the home of the plant in the American Pocosin moors (North and South Carolina). Then she needs a little bit of rainwater in the pedestal that she absorbs via her root system, the rest of her nutrients gets the plant from the insects, which she catches in your apartment.
The world of carnivorous plants has a lot more to offer: There are plants with sticky traps (eg sundew, greens and worms), suction traps (water hoses), pitfalls (in pitcher plants like dwarf pitcher or pitcher plant or hose plants) and traps, sometimes capable of active movements, sometimes focused on passive shooting. The Venus flytrap box is even the rarest method of catching fish otherwise known only as a water trap. About the treatment of these plants and special requests z. For example, during hibernation you can find more under the respective bullet points in the glossary.
In any case, the carnivorous plants are among the plants with which every little researcher can be very well introduced to nature, and all the great researchers have just as much pleasure in this diverse plant world.
Under "V" you will also find the vanilla and the four-leaf clover and some other keywords, gradually it will be more and more.

V like Venus flytrap: plant

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Already at the time of the Keltentums was the four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck. He is attributed different meanings and symbolics. It is extremely rare and difficult to find. But its find can already be described as incredible luck.

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V like Venus flytrap:


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