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A day without fragrance is a lost day, "says an old Egyptian spell. The fragrant flowers of the vanilla flower (Heliotropium) owes its name. Thanks to them, the BlaublĂŒterin is a popular guest on the balcony or terrace. It is usually offered as an annual plant. With a little patience, the vanilla flower can also be pulled as a high stem.

So, pull your vanilla flower as a high tribe

Remove side shoots

Fix central drive

As a starting plant we use a well rooted cutting (left) and fix the middle drive on a thin rod (right)

Simply insert a few shoot tips into pots with potting soil and cover with foil. After a few weeks, the cuttings have formed roots and are powerful. Once the new plant is about two inches wide, remove all leaves and side shoots with the secateurs on the lower half of the shoot. So that the trunk grows straight, secure it with soft wool thread loosely on a thin rod, which you have previously stuck close to the middle drive in the ground.

 Remove side shoots

Vanilla flower HochstÀmmchen

Gradually fix the entire stems on the bar and remove all side shoots and leaves (left). When the desired height is reached, the main drive is switched off, so that the HochstÀmmchen grows bushy (right)

With increasing height one fixes gradually the entire trunks and removes all lateral shoots and leaves. Once the desired crown height is achieved, pinch the tip of the main shoot with fingernails to encourage the formation of side branches. The stems are trimmed from time to time in the finished high stems, so that it forms a dense, compact flower crown.

Care tips for the vanilla flower

The vanilla flower has no objection to a sunny, wind-protected place. But even with partial shade, she still prefers. If she leaves the leaves hanging, this indicates lack of water. The best solution is to use a water bath. Give the plant at least once a month a liquid fertilizer and cut off withered flowers. The winter must spend the vanilla flower frost-free.

Vanilla flower (Heliotropium arborescens)

The vanilla flower (Heliotropium arborescens) has blue-violet, fragrant flowers from late June to autumn. You have to overwinter them frost-free

Why plants smell

What we perceive as a pleasant fragrance is a means of communication for the plant. With its scent of flowers, which promises rich sources of food, it attracts insects. These take on their flower visit the part of pollination and thus do the plant a valuable service. While flower scents attract the insects, leaf scents play the opposite role: They serve as a deterrent. Essential oils, which cause the leaf scent, spoil the appetite of predators. Even fungal and bacterial diseases are much less common in aromatic foliage plants.

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