Vegetable patch in May - 4 tasks

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Maintain your vegetable patch always well

May is traditionally the month when you find a lot of work not only in the flowerbeds. Also in the vegetable patch there is much to do in May.

Always cultivate the vegetable patch well
Of course, vegetables from your own garden taste much better than the bought vegetables from the supermarket. Of course you need to take good care of your vegetable patch so that you too can harvest abundantly. We have here once collected for you the four most important work that should be done in May.

Vegetable patch in May - 4 tasks

  1. Pile new potatoes. If the shoots of the new potatoes are about 10 centimeters from the ground, they should be piled up just short of the shoot tips with soil.
  2. Planting outdoor cucumbers. In May, the outdoor cucumbers are planted outdoors. For this, the bed should be covered with a mulch foil about two weeks before.
  3. Put celery in the open air. The early seedlings of celery should be brought into the open by mid-May at the latest. The vegetables like moist, nutrient-rich soil.
  4. Sow annual herbs. Dill, marjoram and also chervil, so herbs that grow only one year, should be sown every three to four weeks from the beginning of May to the end of July, either in a separate bed or in vacant places in the vegetable patch. Until the end of August, you will have constantly fresh herbs in stock.

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