Vegetable garden in November - 4 important tips

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When autumn has arrived and there is not much flowering in the garden, things calmed down. However, your vegetable garden will keep you busy in November.

Winter food tips

Vegetable garden in November - 4 important tips
We would like to give you 4 important tips here, which you should not miss in November:

  1. Store potatoes properly. Before potatoes come into the cool cellar, they should be stored for two weeks at temperatures of up to 20 degrees. This will cork the shell and keep the potatoes for many weeks longer.
  2. Protect sage from frost. Although the spice is hardy, due to the fact that sage does not shed the leaves, the plants can easily freeze to death. Protect the shrubs with twigs.
  3. Harvest Brussels sprouts in time. If you want to freeze Brussels sprouts, then you should have done the harvest before the first frost. Only use fixed florets for this.
  4. Create asparagus bed for the coming year. Asparagus in your own garden? Why not?! You can prepare the bed as early as November: The soil is dug up to 40 centimeters and mixed with half-ripe compost.

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