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Colorado beetles should be picked up

If the vegetables are spared from disease, then various pests can still attack it. Here are the five most common pests.

Fight diseases and pests
Vegetables are not only healthy, they also taste twice as good from their own garden. The individual vegetables that you plant in your garden can be attacked by both diseases and pests. We would like to introduce you to the five most common pests. Of course, we will also give you some tips on how to fight the pests.

5 pests and fighting tips

  1. Colorado beetle: It is about one centimeter tall, striped yellow-black and likes to nibble on the leaves of the potatoes. This can lead to baldness. The beetles can be collected, larvae and eggs must be removed with a jet of water.
  2. Carrot fly: White maggots damage the young plant by root damage, as a result the larvae feed on the carrots. These fruits should be covered with nets, the greenhouse is ideal.
  3. White flies: They are also called moth sign lice, which suck on plants and form honeydew. Most affected are tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. Yellow boards help to use in infestations beneficials such as parasitic wasps.
  4. Root lice: Carrots, endive lettuce or lettuce are particularly haunted by this pest. They suck on the roots and extract the juice from the plant. Covering the beds helps as well as watering and mulching.
  5. Meadow cabbage aphid: It occurs, as the name implies, especially in cabbages and there suck out the leaves, which wither very quickly. Here you have to fertilize a lot of nitrogen and dig up the cabbage sticks in the fall.

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