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Vegetables - Information for Paprika, Physalis, Cucumbers & Co: cucumbers

If you want to eat fruits and vegetables in order to increase the yield or to be able to reap larger fruits, all you need is the right basic knowledge - because the procedure does not differ too much with the different plants. However, care must be taken to ensure that the plant is well protected and has a chance of increasing its yield. Here, interested parties will learn how casting out works in detail and what to look for.


Excreting is the removal of so-called Geiztrieben, which usually bear no fruit and therefore bring no yield - but consume energy. The aim of the measure is to educate the plant targeted to a high yield or produce larger fruits, so the energy consumption in the education of fruits to steer. Whether the measure is really necessary and meaningful is discussed controversially in many plants.
Tip: If uncertainty exists as to whether the measure is worth the effort, a text can be made. For this purpose, one of two identical plants at the same location is used to make one go and leave one natural and then compare the yield. In the following year, the casting can then be done or omitted, depending on the result of the test.


The earlier the better. Geiztriebe should be removed as soon as possible and continuously. In this way:
  • The resulting wounds are very small and heal quickly
  • Only a few nutrients and energy were used to grow the shoots
  • the energy loss is low
  • the plant is early stimulated to the formation of fruits
In addition, it should be done in the morning, so that the interface or wound can dry and close as quickly as possible. For these reasons, it is also ideal to carry out the care measure only in dry weather.


As a rule, the thumb nail is sufficient for casting out or cutting off the Geiztriebe. A small pair of scissors or a knife can also be used. Important are:
  • sharp blades for a clean cut
  • Clean, to bring no germs on the interface
  • small size for targeted cuts


When picking vegetables and fruits usually the Geiztriebe between main stem and side shoots - ie in the leaf axils - removed. Removed are shoots that do not carry buds and therefore would produce no fruit. If these are removed early as recommended, a possible bud approach is not yet recognizable. Therefore, with the particular plant species should be paid to the peculiarities of the law.


If the Geiztriebe were left on the mother plant until they reached a length of five to ten centimeters, they can be used in some cases directly as cuttings. Usually it is sufficient to put them in the distance to other plants in the ground and pour.
For heavily foliated shoots, the lower leaves should be removed before insertion into the substrate.


When fruit or vegetable crops are spiced up, they usually become less bushy and thus possibly unstable. It may therefore be useful to attach the plants by rods or a scaffold and thus to prevent a cancel.

Pour out paprika

Vegetable or snack peppers, chillies, hot peppers - they all belong to the same plant family. It absolutely does not seem necessary to eat peppers, but it is recommended from some quarters. The Auswizen is carried out as already described. Small, weak and fruitless shoots between the main stem and strong side shoots are removed as soon as possible. The vomiting occurs throughout until the formation of fruits and already in the young plants. In addition to pickling the peppers, it is recommended to harvest the first fruit while it is still immature.
In this way, the pepper does not "pause" before new fruiting bodies are formed. Instead, the formation of pods is stimulated. Another tip - at least for larger paprika varieties - is the removal of the so-called royal flower. This shows up from a plant height of 40 cm and sits between the main drive and the top side shoot. If it is cut off, this is to stimulate the growth of leaves and shoots. There is no guarantee for it, but it is definitely worth a try.

Prone physalis

Pickle cucumbers

Pickling may have more reasons for cucumbers than simply increasing the yield. In the lower area, for example, eliminating the cucumbers from hanging on the floor. For this purpose, buds and side shoots are removed up to a height of about 50 to 60 centimeters.When the cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, picking on the tips can prevent them from bumping against the ceiling and give the cucumbers more light and air. When controlling the size, it is important that the main shoot is not shortened. Only additional impulses are exaggerated on the side shoots. In addition, it is usually sufficient for the cucumbers, auszubizen once, rather than continuously.

Eat tomatoes

Tomatoes - Solanum lycopersicum

In the case of tomatoes, picking is often very useful, as the removal of the Geiztriebe leads to increased height growth and larger fruits. At the same time, the care of the plants is very simple, because the Geiztriebe show up early and always in the same places - in the leaf axils. Fruit shoots sprout directly from the main trunk. Geiztriebe arise between stem and leaf drive. So there is no danger of accidentally removing fruit bearing shoots.
Therefore, the pronunciation of tomatoes can be done very early. In addition, it should be repeated continuously, as the Geiztriebe train again and again. It is important to stabilize the plant - even smaller and relatively compact cocktail tomatoes. However, the compact growing varieties, such as cocktail, shrub and bush tomatoes do not necessarily have to be ambitious. The yield usually does not increase as a result. For the harvest is easier by the lighted form.

Pickle grapevine

Wine - Vitis

It is not very well-known, but important - especially during the first years when the vine is pulled into the desired shape. Again, the shoots that grow between the main trunk and the side shoots are removed. Unlike the typical winter grapevine for winter grapevines must be made in the spring and summer. If the wine is not cultivated for yield, but as a visual screen, the care measure can also be deleted.
Many hobby gardeners do not dare to pickle vegetables and fruit plants for fear of removing the wrong shoots and thus affecting the harvest. With the right guidance and a little bit of practice, these concerns can soon be a thing of the past and Geiztriebe can be easily spiked out. The nursing measure is not always necessary, but often useful. Whether it brings an advantage to their own plants, can also be tested without much effort.

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