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Not every vegetable needs a lot of water !. Depending on whether it is flat or deep root, the plants have very different needs. Here you can find out which vegetables belong to which group and how best to pour them.

Pour vegetables properly: properly

Frizee salad: Salads have flat roots and soft leaves - so they need a lot of water

Vegetables are rooted at different depths. Lettuce and most other types of lettuce belong to the shallow roots and form in the upper soil layers a densely branched, 20 centimeters deep root system. Therefore: Be careful when chopping and weeding!

Vegetable root depth comparison

When casting, observe the root depth of the different types of vegetables (please click to enlarge)

Cabbage and beans develop most roots 40 to 50 cm deep. Parsnips, asparagus and tomatoes penetrate with their root system even to a depth of 120 centimeters. Because the upper soil layers dry out more quickly, shallow rootlets need to be watered more frequently. Mid-low and deep rootworms manage with less water. Pour so abundantly that the soil is thoroughly moistened into the main root zone. For this you need about 10 to 15 liters per square meter.
Rainwater is ideal for watering the vegetable garden. It contains no minerals and therefore hardly affects the pH and nutrient content of the soil. It is best to collect it in a large underground cistern and then bring it out with a garden pump and garden hose. Although you can also water larger areas with a circular sprinkler, it is better to use a sprue stick. So you can water close to the ground without wetting the leaves of the plants. This is particularly important in fungus-sensitive vegetables such as tomatoes.
During the main growing season, it is best to administer extra fertilizers for the medium deep and deep rooting species in liquid form over the irrigation water. This allows the nutrients to reach the lower soil layers more quickly.

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