Video: Make balls of vine or willow branches yourself - creative decoration for the garden

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Wicker balls and vine ball are very popular with many. This may be mainly because they have a natural charm and are also so versatile. The larger specimens can be easily placed on shelves or in the bed, in small format, however, they offer a real eye-catcher in vases or Dekoschalen. You can buy them almost everywhere. In many furniture and furnishing houses, garden centers and craft shops you can often find them in large numbers in the decoration department. Did you know that you can also make the balls yourself?

No? The time has come. Although the appearance suggests that the production is rather time-consuming and complicated, Susanne von Dekoideenreich shows us that such balls can be copied by anyone. In her video she explains in great detail and step by step how simple willow branches or vine branches produce such decorative balls. It's not as hard as it looks. Give it a try.

" My advice: In order for the willow or vine twigs to move so well that you can bend them properly, you must first be put into the water for two days.

Video Board: Willow Ball Garden Decoration || DIY Nature Crafts.

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