Video: Make a cozy bench out of a beer tent set - It's that easy

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Beer tent sets are perfect for garden parties and celebrations where multiple people need to be seated. In the evening, when the round at the table slowly dissolves and everyone wander to the cozy campfire, it can be quite uncomfortable on the appropriate bank. It simply lacks a backrest, where you can just relieve his back.

Have you ever thought that a beer tent set can conjure up a very comfortable bank? Until I saw the video from the Bayerischer Rundfunk, it was unthinkable for me. Honestly, I did not even think with a syllable that it might be possible. Now I am all the more enthusiastic. In a trice, a beer bench will conjure up a cozy bench that does not even need screws or tools.

This little and especially simple trick is now being used regularly by us.

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