Video: Beetroot Chips - Ingredients & Instructions

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Granted, you have to like beetroot. The taste is just not for everyone. Most people know beetroot only from the glass. There are still several other preparation options. For example chips for nibbling.

With a cozy TV evening on the couch one should not be missing - something to snack on. How about times with beetroot chips instead of potato chips from the bag? The homemade chips are definitely healthier and a welcome change.

CatyCake shows in her video how easy it is to make such chips. You do not even need a large collection of ingredients for that. So it is not better. Little time in the kitchen, few ingredients and high enjoyment.

Have fun trying and enjoying !!!
" My advice:
To the chips a dip of sour cream and horseradish fits perfectly.

Video Board: Sweet Beet Chips.

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