Video: Make birdseed yourself - ingredients & instructions

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On cold winter days, our birds go foraging. At the latest when they can not find anything outside, they should be offered delicious food so that they can make ends meet.

I wanted to make my own chicken dumplings and food bells with my children this year. Finally everyone can buy. During my research, I came across the video of TheGConcept. The idea with the cookies I liked the most. Even smaller children can do that themselves. Furthermore, they are very proud when the birds nibble on their cookies in winter. The ingredients for the dumplings are very variable. Most like birds but sunflower seeds.

Did you know?

Seeds of the ambrosia plant are often found in the purchased birdseed. The pollen of these plants are among the strongest allergens ever. In some cases, contact with the plant can lead to allergic skin reactions.

To avoid the spread of this plant, you should rather make the bird food yourself. If you do not have the time or inclination, you should use ambrosia-free birdseed instead.

Video Board: How to Make Birdseed Hearts.

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