Video: Clean and maintain chainsaw - instructions & tips

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The chainsaw is probably one of the favorite working tools of a man. Here you can let off steam and secretly become a small child again. Chainsaws are not cheap. Between 100 and 700 euros are possible depending on the manufacturer and performance. Of course, there are seldom any limits to the top. Such expensive work equipment should last as many years as possible. But this is only possible if the chainsaw is regularly cleaned and maintained. Failure to do so not only makes working less effective, but can also cause serious damage.

How do you maintain and wait for your beloved darling? A very detailed video tutorial shows mrfrohtagius at his Husquarna 353. Here he is not only on the cleaning chainring and air filter, but also how a chain must be properly stretched and treated. A very detailed video with many tips around the care of chainsaws.

This video guide is not just for the Husqvarna chainsaws, but for all other models as well.

Video Board: Chainsaw How To - Maintenance.

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