Video: Cool grill gadgets and decoration tips for the next garden party

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In the summer we can hardly save ourselves from barbecues. Even if you always come up with something new in the side dishes, the barbecue will eventually be boring. Especially men then come up with the strangest ideas. Last year, a raw egg was put on the grill to see if it could be cooked. And indeed, you could even eat it afterwards. But then men also love small gadgets, so-called gadgets, which make the barbecue something more exciting again.

Which gadgets are there for barbecues? A small selection were summarized in the show full can from ZDF once and tried. Some really interesting things, others in my opinion are also completely useless. What I personally missed here is the burger press for perfectly shaped burger patties. If so, is it? ?

The second part of the show is about creative garden decoration for the next party. Here Pia Deges shows original ideas how to conjure up out of simple means great decorations that cost above all little. Just take a look, it's worth it!

»Gadgets of the broadcast:
Hot air grill lighter (a slightly different, cheaper model)
Pizza stone made of heat-resistant clay
Smart grill thermometer with Bluetooth
Popcorn pan for the grill
Grillbot cleaning robot

»Extra Grill gadgets:
Hamburger Press
Bratwurst single tooth

Do you have any more gadgets that should not be missing at a garden party? Then please write it down in the comments!

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