Video: Tasty pizza with cauliflower - The slightly different pizza enjoyment

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Granted, when I first heard of a cauliflower base in conjunction with a pizza, I just thought "That can not taste", I'm an absolute pizza fanatic and love the crunchy bottom. And that should now be replaced by cauliflower? Well, I'm not sure. But I would not be me if I had not tried it, at least out of pure curiosity.

Not everyone knows how to make such a cauliflower bottom. Therefore, you should definitely watch the video tutorial from Esslust. With the really detailed instructions you will succeed the ground guaranteed. How to use the pizza then, is up to you. In the video you get presented a vegetarian low carb variant. I took over my first attempt as well. And what should I say? She is really delicious. I did not think that cauliflower could taste so good as a pizza base.

" My advice: Cauliflower often smells musty. That does not have to mean that the cabbage is bad. Just add some lemon juice to the cooking water. The smell vanishes and leaves the cauliflower the white color.

Video Board: The Best Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe That Won't Fall Apart.

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