Video: Keep a duck - Important information about housing and welfare of the snail eaters

The Content Of The Article:

Snails in the garden are a real scourge. Fences, beer traps and slug pellets are very popular in this area. But more and more often are called running ducks. They like to eat snails, their eggs and other small animals for their lives.

Who thinks about the purchase of running ducks, should be informed in advance exactly about the species-appropriate attitude. Although current pensions are relatively easy to care for, they still want to be taken care of on a daily basis. You do not only need a little time, but also enough space. If you would like to learn more about the topic of "Keep-fit", then you should definitely take a look at the article above. This was published last year in the broadcast Querbeet by the BR.

By the way, running ducks are not only useful for eating snails, they even lay eggs. A female running duck can deliver between 100 and 150 eggs in one season. These are slightly different from the taste of chicken eggs and also much larger. They are excellent for baking cakes, but can also be eaten as a breakfast egg (caution: only well cooked).

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