Video: Building a natural stone fireplace - How to get cozy in the garden

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An open fireplace is an experience for the whole family. Whether stick bread, bratwurst on a spit or just simply sitting together with friends - it's just beautiful and relaxing at the same time. But when it comes to design, many are overwhelmed. Do you just take a fire bowl from the hardware store or do you build something yourself? If you are a bit gifted in terms of craftsmanship, you will naturally also build a cozy fireplace yourself. It takes some time, but it is all the more individual after completion.

Now that the last video tutorial on a fireplace has been pretty simple and inexpensive, today I'd like to show you a little more elaborate tutorial (see above). Do-it-yourselfers have published instructions on their YouTube Channel where the hearth is made of natural stones. In this variant, you need some manual skill and at best you also have a little fun puzzling, because the composition of the stones is not quite that easy. But let's be honest... In the end you will be rewarded with a fascinating fire pit, where you will surely spend many cozy hours.

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Video Board: How I build a stone fireplace (Part 1of 3) Mike Haduck.

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