Video: Making Concrete Fountains - How to conjure up the rippling garden decoration in your garden

The Content Of The Article:

Many dream of having their own fountain in the garden. No wonder, the rippling calms down immensely and makes you forget everyday life in no time at all. Unfortunately, the models in garden centers are not very cheap and sometimes they just look artificially. If you feel the same way then just build yourself a fountain. This is very simple, for example, made of concrete. You do not have to be a professional and cheaper than the garden center models it is always. Only a little time you have to invest in the production.

But how do you build yourself a fountain yourself? Glitzer Else shows you in the video above. Step by step she assembles a copy with you and gives you hints about material and technique, because without special technology the water can not splash out at the top.

Video Board: The Chessmen of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #5).

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