Video: Making fruit leather from strawberries and banana - healthy snack for in between

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Sometimes it just has to be something sweet. Gummy bears and chocolate are delicious, but not really healthy. Do you have to do without it now? Of course not! But it is at least healthier - with fruit leather.

Fruits know the least, while the snack is delicious and also healthy. And the best? He can easily make himself. Fruit leather is made of fruit puree, which is dried in the Dehydrator or alternatively in the oven. His name is not because of the consistency in the mouth, but rather because of its appearance. So do not worry - Fruchtleder reminds a lot more of soft fruit gum.

If you are hungry and want to try the snack, you will find an easy-to-follow guide to a delicious strawberry and banana fruit skin in the above video from GRÜNELIEBE. Who does not own a Dehydrator, can also easily use the oven. But make sure that you clamp a wooden spoon or similar between the oven door. Because only then can the moisture escape and the fruit leather arise.

Have fun trying and snacking !!!

Video Board: Natural Strawberry Fruit Leather (Take Back the Snack Collab).

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