Video: Making a gazebo shatterproof - That's how it's done

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Gazebos provide a particularly good attack surface for burglars in winter. For your safety, you should not only winterize the garden, but also protect the arbor from unwelcome guests.

After the garden season is over, many hobby gardeners retreat to the well-deserved winter break. The garden is winterized and everything in the arbor cleaned up so far. Unfortunately, certain security measures are increasingly forgotten. Especially the allotment gardens are haunted in the winter like burglars. Often you get these burglaries only too late, because you do not drive every day in the winter months in the garden. In order to prevent you from discovering in springtime that all your belongings have been stolen, you should take some precautionary measures.

As the video of WMZtv Seenland shows, it is not that difficult to protect your gazebo from burglars. It just can not be forgotten. As a small garden owner, you should absolutely watch the video and retrofit missing protection measures as quickly as possible.

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