Video: Winterizing the garden pond - That's how it's done

The Content Of The Article:

So slowly but surely, the garden season is coming to an end. And although winter is within reach, there is still a lot to do in the garden. So also the garden pond must be winterized.

Since I am also the proud owner of a pond since this year, I have been looking for a guide that briefly summarizes all the important points. In a video by Fressnapf I finally found something. Short, concise & informative. Now winter can come - well, a little bit he can still take his time. ? But the fish are at least healty over the winter.

Did you know?

Fish stay in the winter at the bottom of the pond where the water is warmest. That is why it is so important that the pond has a minimum depth of 1.20 meters.

Goldfish can usually remain in the pond. If it concerns cultivated forms, then with a water temperature of approximately 10 degrees the time would be, to implement the fish. When the fish are in their hibernation, they should not be disturbed.

Video Board: Fish Pond Winterization.

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