Video: Garden shredder in the test - Marktcheck takes 4 products under the microscope

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Trees, shrubs and shrubs are in almost every garden. No matter how beautiful they look and bloom in the summer, in autumn they have a major disadvantage. They often have to be cut. As if that were not work enough, the clippings must still be disposed of. The fact that many a gardener longs for a garden shredder is not surprising. Here, the clippings are placed in a funnel-shaped opening, shredded and then comes out as a small chaff in the catch again. This can then be further processed in the garden or just dispose.

The look of the garden shredder is fundamentally the same, but they differ enormously in technology. If you are thinking about buying a shredder, you should be well informed in advance. To make it easier for laymen to make a decision, Marktcheck has taken the test. In the video above, four shredders from different price segments were closely examined, sometimes with surprising results. But see for yourself.

»Devices from the program:

  • Aldi Gardenline
  • Hornbach Mac Allister
  • Wolf-Garten
  • Bosch AXT 25 TC (test winner Stiftung Warentest - read report here)

Video Board: .

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