Video: Winter hardy banana - briefly presented

The Content Of The Article:

Most people only know bananas from the supermarket or on holiday in the south. A new breed allows the entry into our gardens.

Look forward to a banana harvest in your own garden! In contrast to the banana plants, which are usually only grown in warm, tropical countries, this banana new breed, available from, is absolutely hardy to about -10° C!

This will allow you to leave this rarity in your garden during the winter, where it will thrive year after year, such as perennials, at a height of 2-3.5 meters.

A very decorative eye-catcher in your garden bed & in the planter!

We ourselves did not plant these banana plants (it is "Musa basjoo"). But we would like to know how good the bananas taste. So if you already could taste, please leave a comment under the article.

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