Video: Make Giersch Pesto yourself - it's so easy to conjure up the refined spread

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Most people only know Giersch as a stubborn weed. There are many important nutrients in the edible wild plant. While gardeners are annoyed with the fast-growing herb, greedy lovers are grateful for any supply, because it can be really delicious things conjure.

One of them is for example a delicious pesto. In his video, the organic chef shows step by step how to make the Giersch pesto with just a few ingredients. It's super fast and easy to do. Nothing can go wrong.

»By the way: Homemade pesto not only tastes good with grilled and fresh bread, but is also nicely packaged as a small gift. ?

Did you know?

Giersch is a true vitamin C bomb. It contains 15 times as much vitamin C as a lettuce and 4 times as much as a lemon. Incredible that Giersch is still considered an annoying weed. Also its healing effect is not to be despised. Giersch has a pain-relieving and antispasmodic effect, by its basic action it deacidifies the body and additionally helps with inflammation.

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