Video: Home remedies for ants - without poison & crush

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Ants are actually very useful animals and yet you can be a real plague in the garden. But you should not fight the ants with chemicals and poison. You should also avoid crushing, as they are simply very effective pest controllers that everyone in their garden needs.

Okay, but they do not have to be everywhere anyway. In some places, they just have nothing to look for. In search of natural control methods, I came across the video of gardener Christian. He gives some tips in this clip to drive away the ants. Although some of them were already known to me, I found the tip with the cinnamon very interesting. And the best part is that it even works.

So you can save yourself the money to buy ant antestudents and even do something for the environment. It's better, is not it?

Video Board: How To Kill Ants Without Poison.

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