Video: Knoblauchsud against aphids - It's so easy

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Aphids have high season especially in spring. They almost appear out of nowhere and make life difficult for our plants. In addition to the voracious snails, aphids are the most common plant pests that make many a gardener despair.

The fact that the chemical leg in the garden has no business, goes without saying. Better you try it with biological pesticides and home remedies, for the sake of the environment. For example, garlic is very effective in combating aphids. If a toe in the soil of the affected plant is insufficient, because the infestation is too strong, a simple garlic broth can help.

You do not know how to make this brew? In the above video Sandra explains on her YouTube channel Green Love exactly how it works. With that, nothing should go wrong during production. At the end of the video you will see how the affected plants are treated with the broth. Then aphids are finally a thing of the past and that without any chemicals.

My advice:
The garlic broth not only helps against aphids, but also in a maggot and mite infestation and even in snails. It is never wrong to plant garlic in your own garden. If it is not eaten regularly, you can use it at any time in pest control.

Reading tip: Plant garlic and harvest

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