Video: Make lanterns out of beverage cans - with a few simple steps to a decorative garden accessory

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Coke, cocktails, beer and other goodies are often offered in small beverage cans. Even if the drinks are still so delicious, most of them are more likely to think of the trash that comes with it. At a cozy evening on the fire comes finally a lot together. Anyone who uses the cans creatively, not only saves a large amount of garbage, but also has a decorative accessory for the garden at the same time.

For example, old beverage cans can be turned into small lanterns, as Nuhinu points out in her YouTube video. This little lantern looks especially enchanting in the dark when it moves in the wind - so to speak, wind chimes and bright lights in one. The video tutorial is easy to understand so nothing can go wrong when it's done. However, you should be careful that you do not cut yourself on the can, because that can happen pretty fast.

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Video Board: How to Make Lanterns with Tin Cans.

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