Video: Cutting lavender - instructions and the right time

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Lavender is in many gardens and distributes its great scent there. But to keep it looking compact even after many years, it has to be cut regularly.

Many hobby gardeners would prefer to avoid a radical pruning of plants of any kind. The lavender would then fall apart from below and also lignified. The lignified branches then no longer form new shoots and with the rich flowers it would sooner or later be over. In the clip of Gartenvideo Robert Maierhofer explains in detail about a lavender what is important in the cut and when is the best time for it.

If you want to have a full lavender-flower splendor every year, you should definitely watch the video! Have lots of fun with it!!!

Did you know?

Lavender not only spreads its beneficial scent in the garden, but also repels pests. These do not like the essential oils of the plant. This works especially well for moth defense in the wardrobe. Put the lavender scented sachets in, ready.

In addition, lavender, as a tea, oil or capsule, has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Very popular is this lavender oil.

Video Board: A Guide to Lavender : Pruning Lavender.

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