Video: Making lavender syrup itself - It's so easy

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Syrups are a true pleasure and so versatile. Not only can they be used to refine beverages such as sparkling wine and water, they also give that certain something to some dishes and desserts. Since the purchased versions often contain colorants and preservatives, many simply make their own syrups themselves. And that's even easier than you think.

Especially the lavender syrup with its floral aroma has done it to us. He is very dominant, but if you use it sparingly, he gives all food and drinks a fancy touch. If you love lavender, you can enjoy a touch of Provence even in winter. Making lavender syrup is pretty easy. Which ingredients you need for the preparation, shows the above video of absolute zest for life. Here you will not only learn step by step how to make the lavender syrup, but also tips for drying lavender.

»By the way: Lavender syrup is perfect as a small gift for parties or other occasions. Just fill the syrup into a nice bottle or sealable jar, make a nice label and you're done.

Have fun making your own !!!

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