Video: Razor Mower Knife - Sharp edge for a cleaner cut

The Content Of The Article:

A sharp cutting blade is essential when mowing the lawn. If the knife is dull, it tears the lawn instead of cutting. As a result of this injury, the lawn turns brown faster and is more susceptible to disease.

Many go to the hardware store and spend tons of money on professional sharpening. You can really save yourself the money. In this video, Leo explains every step of the way from installation to installation. In addition, he gives various tips on the right tool and the subsequent balancing. That is especially important.

➤ My tip:

So that your lawn always shines in a full, juicy green, it is important that you water it regularly and of course also mow. At least once a week you should grab a lawnmower and cut the lawn to four centimeters. In particularly hot temperatures, you should rather leave something more, otherwise it will dry out too quickly.

Video Board: The Laziest Way to Sharpen Any Knife to Razor Sharp.

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