Video: Live Screening - Wicker fence made of willows

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Pastures are hard to imagine in many gardens. Not only because they are very easy to care for, but because you can use them to prove their artistic talent. In addition to baskets, trays, plant tendrils and other decorative accessories, it is also possible to use willows to create optimal layer protection.

The video comes from the program "Querbeet" by the Bavarian Radio and shows step by step the production of a wicker fence. Kathrin Robl also explains which types of willow are best for braiding and especially how to recognize good pastures.

➤ Did you know?

In the pasture is the active ingredient salicin. It's a painkiller that you know about aspirin, for example. Brewed as a tea, the pasture can help against headaches, as well as rheumatic complaints or flu. For tea, pour two teaspoons of willow bark with boiling water and leave for ten minutes.

Video Board: How to Make Willow Structures for Your Garden.

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