Video: Miniteich for balcony and terrace - So quickly from a planter a small pond oasis

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The water has a calming effect, is no longer a secret. Not for nothing you will find in many a garden pond with adjacent seating area. Here you can relax after a stressful everyday life and get away from it all. However, a garden pond is by no means just a project for large gardens. Even balcony and terrace owners do not have to give up this soothing garden design. After all, many possibilities can also be created as a miniature project. Look for yourself!

A very nice and above all quickly self-made copy is the mini pond from the above video from aqua fish. The simple solution: a larger planter. The video shows you step by step how the simple flower tub creates an excellent mini pond.

" My advice: To realize this mini pond, you need appropriate water baskets. These can be found in well-stocked garden centers, but also on Amazon for less than 3 euros in various sizes and shapes.


Fish, crabs and other aquatic animals should be avoided in your mini pond. This is then a little too small. In addition, the water would pollute fairly quickly through the feed.

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