Video: Build pond bridge from Euro pallets yourself - Step by step to the masterpiece

The Content Of The Article:

A garden pond creates a cozy oasis of peace in a garden. Here you can relax after work with an interesting book and a glass of wine and relax. But just the sight of a beautifully landscaped garden pond can calm the body. Of course, it looks particularly appealing when the garden pond is crossed over a bridge. Of course there are many different possibilities. If you do not want to spend too much money and prefer something more individual, you can easily build a pond bridge yourself.

The fact that this is not difficult and can even be carried out with europallets, shows the above video from besamey. Important for the stability and the load are correspondingly large support beams, which extend over the entire pond. This and much more with detailed step by step instructions will be shown and explained to you in detail in the video. Then nothing can go wrong.

Have fun with the creative self-made project !!!

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