Video: Pool of Euro pallets build yourself - Tips for construction and disguise

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At temperatures of 30 degrees and more, you can really sweat. Who does not dream of their own pool in the garden? The desire for their own cooling option disappears at the latest when many see the prices. A private pool does not have to be expensive. Last year, I showed you two videos that used beer crates and IBC containers. This year will be a bit more modern and, above all, bigger.

Even though it's hard to imagine, europallets can conjure up a spacious pool that not only offers space for the whole family, but is also not that expensive. Nicely disguised, the pool looks even more luxurious and chic than normal cheap purchase options from the discounter or hardware store.

If you really want to know how to build such a pool of europallets, you should definitely watch the video of iDeen Selber Machen. Here the structure is shown step by step. Then nothing can go wrong, right?

Where can I get the Euro pallets?

Those who are not in the construction phase or who are passionate collectors of pallets are, of course, wondering where to buy these Euro pallets. Many construction yards hoard the pallets meters high, also in agriculture are many pallets to see. Just look around in the vicinity, there is definitely something. For a pallet you have to pay about 10 euros (deposit). Some are so nice and give it away. If in the area you can not find anything, on ebay classifieds you can always find some.

Video Board: DIY Swimming pool made of pallets. How to build step by step.

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