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Potatoes are the classics at the lunch table. If you have a little space in the garden, you can easily grow it yourself.

I love noodles and rice, but potatoes are undoubtedly the best side dish with so many dishes. For even more intense flavor you can grow your own potatoes today. The video from "Neues vom Landei" shows that a rich potato harvest does not necessarily require a lot of space. That makes the implementation a lot easier or?

The video piece, which is a good 11 minutes long, contains a lot of information about preparing the soil, the right time, the different varieties, the cultivation itself, as well as helpful tips on harvesting. In addition, you will even be shown how to easily plant potatoes in a bucket.

Anyone who has long been fond of buying his potatoes from the supermarket, but to get out of their own garden, should definitely watch the video.

My potato recommendation

Potato variety Linda

Last year we also grew potatoes for the first time and achieved very good results with the variety "Linda". Supposedly a classic where you can not go wrong. The variety I had ordered over the shop of Pötschke.

Did you know?

Many think that the potato has a lot of carbs and makes you fat. Not correct! Although it contains plenty of starch, but also many healthy minerals and vitamins. The fattening is actually only through the wrong preparation. Because unlike many years ago, the potato is nowadays eaten or deep-fried with a lot of greasy or floury sauces. That makes you fat.

By the way: Good potatoes can be recognized by the fact that no water leaks when you press on a raw cut point. In addition, the two halves of a raw cut potato stick together when rubbing together. At best, a little foam forms on the edge of the two halves.

Video Board: Enormous harvest of Container Grown Potatoes.

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