Video: Building a raised bed of grid plant stones - that's how easy it is

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Raised beds are a great invention. On the one hand, the back is spared during gardening and, on the other hand, the plants also benefit from it. They get more light and are less frequently attacked by pests.

Many resort to a simple raised wooden bed. This is available in almost every garden center and also online. Unfortunately, wood has the big disadvantage that it has to be treated regularly so that it does not rot over the years. Who wants to save the work and would rather create an indestructible raised bed, should grab the material stone. The construction may take a little longer, but a raised stone bed is also more durable.

If you need a few inspirations, you should definitely take a look at the above video from "Neues vom Landei". Here you are not only shown how easy it is to build such a raised bed, but also how it is properly filled. Especially the lower layers are enormously important to ensure a sufficient ventilation, so that no decay forms.

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